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Myself writes: “Like any similar clamp, a spring wound around the pivot forces these jaws shut.  In this case, however, one end of the spring works against a movable block. Change the block’s position with a screwdriver, and you can adjust the clamp’s holding force.  That little change makes this clamp suitable for applications where its fixed-force brethren might not be appropriate.”

This sounds like something we could use around the shop.  We’ve got a number of different clamps, and I’ve even relaxed the springs in some cheap spring clamps to help with more delicate situations, but these seem like they’d do the trick.

The one pictures comes from Highland Woodworking and sells for $3 each.  We found dozens on Froogle from $1 and up.

Adjustable Spring Clamp [Highland Woodworking]
Street Pricing [Froogle]



One Response to Reader Find: Adjustable Spring Clamps

  1. bob bankston says:

    hi my name is bob i’m looking for some spring clamps ,they have to be 3/4 wide and 4 in. long, ive have some old one but there about wore out ,i use them to hold down alum.grid when i weld them that why i cant use plastic if you can find some i’m going to need about 400 clamps ,if not sorry to bother you ,i’ll keep looking. thank you bob

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