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I’ve always been a bit interested in jewelry making — who wouldn’t love to be able to weld, braze, and otherwise work with such valuable materials on such a small scale? — but it’s something I know almost nothing about.  On the subject of homemade tools,  reader Lee wrote in with this cool jewelry-related find: a custom made tool to hold three-prong earrings.


Aparently began life as a set of solder chipping pliers before some cutting and grinding rendered what you see here.  Check out the link for more photos and details.

A Three-Prong Earring Holder [Bench News]

Note: Optimistically, I added a category for jewelry making, hoping that more of our readers might send in tools and information to help educate me. 


2 Responses to Reader Find: A Three-Prong Earring Holder

  1. Myself says:

    The micro box-joint pliers I submitted the other day are typically found in jewelry making, and the supplier you found (Contenti) specializes in those tools. Another place I’ve found similar stuff is FindingKing, a curiuosly named jewelry-and-beading outfit who has a surprisingly affordable assortment of 5 precision box-joint micro tools.

    Many college art departments include jewelry making classes, and you may be able to take one as a non-credit course just for the lab time. In Detroit, the place to go is the College for Creative Studies, and I’m sure there are similar programs in most cities. As a side note, such programs probably have a fairly gender-skewed enrollment, if you know what I mean…

  2. Lee says:

    In response to the previous comment regaurding Findingking, jewelry parts used in assembly are refered to as Findings, hence the name.

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