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We have more than a few rusty shirts that we wear around the shop.  And no, I didn’t say “trusty” (though they are) — I said rusty.  I don’t mean old and full of holes either, even though they are indeed full of holes and old.  No, rusty is the right word.

If you use an angle grinder or welder around the shop, you’re familiar with the small metal particles that get stuck in your clothes.  Even the most rigorous brushing and shaking will not remove them before it’s laundry time, at which point the water from the washing machine will oxidize the particles and *bam* — rusty shirt. 

To combat that “tin man” look, you can always try a machinist’s apron like this one from Duluth. 

It has added leather reinforcement in the 10-oz. heavy cotton material for greater durability.  The apron has six pockets, and the two large side chest pockets are large enough to put a pair of work gloves in.

With a street price just south of $20 it might be worth the while to take the plunge and save a few shirts.

Trading Apron [Duluth]


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