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Apparently a UK mother pulled her son from a playgroup when she discovered that the pre-school allowed the 2-year-old to practice woodwork skills with real tools.  “The nails were real, about an inch long, and the hammer was a real metal one,” she said.

Our opinion: It really depends on the supervision.  One on one with your own son or daughter?  Sure.  One adult for every ten children in a pre-school — maybe not so much.  Then again, we actually did woodwork in my pre-school and I turned out o… Wait.

Hammer Fury of Playgroup Mum [DailyRecord.co.uk]


2 Responses to On the Web: UK Pre-School Teaches Woodworking

  1. Myself says:

    Well how else are kids gonna learn not to swing hammers at their fingers? If you grew up in a rubber room where there were no physical repercussions for stupidity, you’d kill yourself the moment you stepped out into the real world and tried to get around by bouncing head-first down the sidewalk as had been your custom.

    A certain amount of childproofing makes sense. You try to remove choking-size objects and poisons, and you keep kids away from the stairs when they’re too young to understand. But by the time preschool rolls around, motor skills and spatial relations are humming right along, and it’s time to play with some real toys. It’s actually quite hard to drive a nail into yourself accidentally unless you have a nail gun.

    I notice that the article didn’t mention any history of accidents, and from the coordinator’s comments, it sounds like there’s no cause for concern. There were no circular saws here. I don’t see what’s wrong with giving a kid a hammer.

  2. Myself says:

    Hmm, that post was supposed to be wrapped in “devil’s advocate” and “/devil’s advocate” faux-HTML tags, but it looks like the CMS ate them.

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