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It looks like L.S. Starrett, manufacturer of all sorts of cool measuring equipment, will be featured on John Ratzenberger’s Made in America — a favorite of TM’s TV Tonight contributor Nick Carter.  The press release says that Ratzenberger and crew spend a day with the workers at Starrett.  The episode airs January 9th.

Recent Starrett:


One Response to News: Starrett on Made in America

  1. Rick says:

    Made in America is one of my favorites.. I have my TiVo set to record them all and then my computer downloads them and converts them to Mpeg so I can take them on my laptop on the train and watch them.

    We were in the market for a snow thrower so i showed my dad how Toro made theirs on the Made In America episode.. Also my dad has a pair of 20 year old Frye boots, and he didn’t think they were still around until I showed him how the Frye Boot factory is still operating.

    Not to mention I get a kick out of Cliff Claven busting peoples’ chops at the various facilities.

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