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Our toolbox has many tools in it, each with its own place on a project.  One tool that generally gets its own drawer is the chalk snap-line — not because it holds some reverent place in our hearts, and not even because we use it so much that is needs to be ready to go at any moment.  No, the snap-line has its own drawer because the thing is messy.  Very messy.  In fact, they ooze chalk and dust all over everything they come in contact with; it’s their very nature. 

The Chalk-Rite is a newer entry (relatively speaking) into the snap-line market, and it brings a few stand-apart features like a smooth gear-drive winding that (it claims) an reel in the 100 ft. of line three times quicker than a standard snap-line.  It also has a sweet-looking aluminum case that maintains its seal with an elastomer gasket.  However, even with all the improvement we didn’t see any wild “keeps the chalk in” claims.  That means they’re probably telling the truth about the smooth, fast winding bit.

All this new blood looks great.  We wonder how good they’ll look with blue chalk all over them, but hey — you’ll find that out shortly, right?  Maybe they anticipated that when they made the slim-line version in blue — to match the chalk perhaps?

Street pricing starts at $20.

Chalk Rite Snap-Line [Tajima Tool]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


One Response to Finds: Chalk Rite Snap-Line

  1. David says:

    I picked one of these up last year for my business. The claims of 3x faster spooling are accurate, by virtue of the handle’s planetary gears. It’s a fantastic feature, one that in hindsight is entirely obvious in it’s benefit.

    While bouncing around in my toolbox for close to a year, nary a grit of chalk has escaped the enclosure. The thinner line and bit of foam inside leaves just the right amount of chalk on the line. You’ll want to watch out for a bit of chalk leaving the line as you retract it, but still, you’ll leave far less of a mess than with an Irwin.

    A fantastic example of reinvention.


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