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We’ve got a small pile of tools around the shop that we’ve finished testing and would like to pass on to you.  There’s nothing big in the pile, but hey — tools are tools.  So, I’m going to drop out a few little mini-contests over the next few weeks to give them away.

Here’s the deal this week:  If you’ve got a minute, submit a tool using the Submit a Tool form.  We’ll post our favorites, and next Saturday we’ll post a list of them for everyone to comment on.  Next Saturday we’ll pick our overall favorite and send the submitter a tool.

Submit a Tool [Toolmonger]


One Response to Submit a Tool, Win a Tool

  1. Sandro Fouche says:

    The 90 degree hex driver reminded me of one of my favorite tools – the skewdriver (e.g. http://www.pro-fit-intl.com/skewdriver/). I bought the head as a stand-alone accessory from my local big-box hardware store years ago, and use it regularly with my cordless driver to work in confined spaces. It accepts standard 1/4-inch bits and can be had for a fraction of the motionpro tool.

    Spec tools (http://www.spectools.com/) offers a variety of models from $15-$70…

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