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We’ve always been a little concerned about runtime on cordless angle grinders — and doubly concerned about Ryobi’s, considering the comments we’ve seen regarding the One+ line (both good and bad) — but you’ve really got to give Ryobi credit for their massive expansion of the line.  You can now get everything but the kitchen sink that’ll happily accept One+ batteries.

That said, maybe we’ll have to eat our words.  We have yet to test a cordless angle grinder.  I suppose it’s time to rectify that.

Features include a three-position handle, rotating battery foot, and a toolless guard. 

As always with Ryobi, it’s easy-to-own at a street price of around $44.  It’s sold tool-only as an expansion for those already into the One+ line.

18V 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder [Ryobi]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


5 Responses to Finds: Ryobi’s New 18V Angle Grinder

  1. Kurt says:

    Somewhat off-topic, but is there a reason to not expect Ryobi to release Lithion Ion batteries for their One+ line? I mean, that’d be a different battery and charger, but then it should really improve the entire line, right? Or am I way off base here?

  2. Kurt Schwind says:

    *cough* http://www.ryobitools.com/lithium/ *cough*

    I /knew/ I had posted this question before.

    Chuck/Sean, Have you guys ever tested this thing? I have several One+ tools, but a wireless angle grinder isn’t one of them. I haven’t seen many reviews of it either, so I’d have to see someone say that’s it’s money well spent.

  3. Chris says:

    I have a plug-in angle grinder and hate having to struggle with the cord. I was REALLY excited to get the cordless.

    The lack of power on this cordless angle grinder made me want to cry. I almost took it back to the store.

  4. mark says:

    I have this tool.
    I’d give it 4/5.

    Very well though out. Standard 5/8-11 spindle. Rotating battery holder. Wrench hides in handle. Low price.

    Eats batteries like crazy. Less (1/2) as much power as my corded grinder.

    For quick wire brushing, grinding, etc it’s perfect. It actually will grind at a worthwhile pace.

    I have a Craftsman 7 amp 11,000 RPM 4 1/2 inch, and a Makita 15 amp 6,600 RPM 9″ grinder. Power-wise, I’d rate the Ryobi a 2.5, the Craftsman a 5 and the Makita a 10.

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