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Toolmongers Top 5Between upgrading Toolmonger’s hosting, building the GH controller, testing tools, and (oh yeah) writing, it’s been pretty crazy this week around the Toolmonger offices

If your week’s been crazy, too, and you haven’t had a chance to keep up with Toolmonger this week, we suggest you start with these posts:

Why I Love Super Glue, by Sean
If for no other reason, you should check this out just to see what crazy crap Sean does with super glue.

Reader Find: Sperry Circuit Breaker Finder
Let this be the last time you reset every clock in your house to find out which breaker the Christmas tree’s on.

How-To: Build Your Own Custom Full-Sized Wireless Guitar Hero Controller
Still pissed off because you couldn’t get your Toolmonger fix over the last few days while we were down due to massive traffic?  Check out this post to find out why.

Finds: Stanley Brad Nailer
Install trim and build picture frames the fast and clean way.  You’ll never go back to a hammer.

Finds: Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer
Before you park that jet-ski, boat, or project car for the winter, add a little fuel stabilizer to prevent varnish buildup — and the stench.  Trust us, it’s a good idea.

Next Week

The 25-Days-of-Fuego give away continues as we give away a brand new RIDGID Fuego circ saw [review] each day until Christmas.  We’re also currently testing iRobot’s Dirt Dog — a Roomba for the shop, according to the people at iRobot.  We’ll know shortly. 

Don’t forget to check out this week’s podcast — Joel Johnson guests this week to tell us how the Funde Razor event went — and if you’ve got a minute, tell us about your favorite tool via the Submit a Tool link.  You know, we showed you ours, now you show us yours.  Fair’s far, right? 


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