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Know what I wish I had?  A third hand.  Yeah, I’d look like one of those freaks from the sewer in Futurama, but at least I could position a fastener and attach it at the same time.  (And solder, for that matter.) 

Think of Wiha’s Magic Ring torx system as a third hand without the social consequences: it can free up one of your two, which is almost just as good really. 

The Magic Ring looks almost like any other standard ball-tipped torx tool except for the small black ring located near the tip of the ball.  This ring “snaps” into the well on the head of the fastener and holds it securely (up to 25 degrees off-angle) while you position it.

This nets you the ability to amaze your friends with the amazing one handed “position, stab and turn” you see the pros do — and eliminates the need to go fishing on the floor for the bolt that escaped and rolled off beneath what (in our experience) always turns out to be the heaviest object in the shop.  It’s a win/win scenario for all concerned.

Street pricing starts at $15 for a 9pc. set.

Magic Ring [Wiha]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Donnie says:

    I think you meant hex, not torx.


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