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Mixing your own paint can be rewarding for any number of reasons: Maybe you want to get that custom color just right yourself, or maybe you just don’t feel like hunting down a salesperson at the local big-box store to stand there look at a chart, turn on the mixer machine and watch it the same way you could.  With an air operated paint shaker like this one from Astrotools you can do the same thing — and skip the lines. 

The paint shaker is precisely what it looks like; a machine designed to use 90 to 120 PSI shop air to shake a can of paint.  From a pint sized can to a full gallon, the shaker mixes up your latest color concoction into a smooth uniform color in around 2 minutes (depending, of course, on what sized can you have positioned in the adjustable clamps).

You’ll need to have some space cleared for the unit, though.  The orbital motion of the shaker arm requires that you mount it to a workbench or table, lest your shaker shake itself and the paint it’s carrying to the floor for a potential Technicolor mess. 

So why not mix it yourself?  It’s the first step on the road to custom paint work.  We recommend an awesome flame job mural on the side of the shop, or perhaps a few skulls; everything looks better with skulls.

Street pricing starts at $124.

Air Operated Paint Shaker [Astro Pneumatics]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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