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Olderty submitted this as the top of his Christmas wish list: “I’m currently looking to get an air compressor, and I think I just found it.  3 running HP, quiet (so they say), and a 10.2 SCFM average @ 90 PSI.  Sounds perfect for running a DA sander, die grinder, paint gun, etc. for hours — or until the job is done.  All for $419.99?  Sounds reasonable to me.”

He also asked if any of you Toolmongers might have better suggestions ‘compressor-wise.  Ideas?

PS: We’ve got a Husky unit on the test schedule soon, but it might come after Christmas.

Cast Iron Compressor, 3 Running HP, 60 Gal [Campbell Hausfeld]


7 Responses to I Want It: Campbell Hausfeld’s VT6195 Air Compressor

  1. Rick says:

    That looks pretty nice, but I’d like to see something a bit more portable.. Not in the sense that you’d take it with you, but having it with some wheels on one side so you could tilt and roll it hand-cart style around the shop when you want to clean underneath it, etc.

    Kind of like this Porter-Cable

  2. Roscoe says:

    We just picked up a Craftsman 16780 and have found it to be the most bang for the buck- 80 Gal and 175 Max. PSI is enough to run about any airtool we have, and works for light sandblasting. $850 isn’t cheap, but it’s a great deal compared to comparable units from other companies.


    They also make smaller units in the Craftsman Professional line that offer decent value as well.

  3. joel says:

    I have a VT6300 from Campbell Hausfeld and I love it… HOWEVER their packaging was terrible. I ordered it from Amazon because it was seriously discounted, but it arrived all smashed up. Sent it back and got another one, also smashed up. Not just broken plastic parts (many pieces) but the big cast-iron pulley/flywheel was bent like a potato chip. Amazon just wanted to send another one, but instead I took it to my local authorized repair shop and had them fix it. Amazon paid some of the repair costs but in the end I’d have been better off going down to Home Depot and buying it at full price.

    So be careful if it will be shipped. Nice compressor though.

  4. Mike says:

    Portable is not needed if you’ve got plenty of hose. Get hose reels on sale at Harbor Freight, they work great and are a great deal.

    I’ve had 2 compressors like this – a CH and a Husky. I got the CH from HF on sale, and it was like $350. Great deal. The Husky I found at Home Depot for around $400 on sale. It is the same compressor, and even says CH up by the motor.

    I avoided the smaller units from Sears because the motors didn’t seem as common as the ones on the CH, Husky and others. This may or may not be good logic, but it is what it is.

  5. Mike says:

    Also, all my air tools are the cheapo ones from HF except 2 – impact guns and framing nailers. Man up for an IR gun and a Paslode nailer. I have a small finish nailer/stapler from HF that works fine, but I don’t like using it on stuff that needs to look nice. It tends to leave a mark when nailing.

  6. Mike A says:

    I’d stay away from both the Campbell-Hausfeld and Husky (also made by Campbell). The electric motors used on their compressors are crap. Bad part is that CH doesn’t seem to want to stand by their product when it comes time to replace these motors. So much for customer satsifaction.
    Stick with Craftsman

  7. Ryan says:

    I recently contacted lowes and HD for delivery of the CH or Husky VT 60 Gal. units. I am going with lowes and hte blue CH unit because a) Lowes will deliver unit anywhere inside or outside property for $75. Home depot will not carry the Husky past Drive way. b) CH units at Lowes has a 1 year ONSITE warranty replacement/repair offer!

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