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Sean Brennan submitted his Christmas wish: Stanley’s FUBAR.  Sean says: “It’s the ultimate tool for demolition work…”

I’d agree — it’s 64 oz of destructive madness.  I researched the FUBAR for PopSci a while back, and there’s some incredible technology packed into that cool little bar; the metallurgy alone’s enough to keep you busy for weeks.  It serves the purpose of a sledge hammer, crow bar, and chisel — all in the same tool — yet they still remembered to temper its striking face slightly less than a normal hammer so you can safely hit it without fear of chipping.

A funny story I heard from one of Stanley’s Discovery Team members: When they were first showing the FUBAR to the general public, they were standing out in front of big-box retailers asking random people what they thought.  The most common reaction: “Awesome!  Where do I get one?  What is it?” — in that order.

Street pricing starts around $40, and it’s available everywhere now. 

And remember — FUBAR stands for Functional Utility BAR.  That other acronym is what happens to the things you attack with it.  Keep ’em straight.

The FUBAR [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


6 Responses to I Want It: The FUBAR

  1. Mark says:

    I bought it sheerly because it looks cool and is branded well. Turns out it’s an incredible tool too. You’ll probably still need a more delicate, smaller crowbar for things like pulling up tack strips and other dainty work where you’re concerned about not obliterating everything. But it’s awesome for ripping the begeezus out of things. Also, it’s fun to tell a non-tool savvy person who’s helping you out to bring me the scary looking tool.

  2. Lee says:

    Stanley’s website is fubar.

  3. eschoendorff says:

    I’m with Mark. I bought it cause it looks evil, and it’s actually a neat tool. There’s no way that I actually NEED this tool, but it’s been darn handy to have on a couple occasions.

  4. Mel says:

    I use mine regularly and find it works well as a persuader and moderately well as a stud straightener. The problem as a stud straightener is the handle is too long and doesn’t give you room to tweak a stud wall with studs 16″ on center.

  5. Dan Lay says:

    I can use it to beat my dogs hahahahahaha………

  6. DanDan says:

    I went to New Orleans to tear out houses with flood damage, basically gutting our sheet rock, tile etc. anything but the studs. I tried about 10 different tools that were at my destructo disposal, taking on the name “destructo-dan” as my superhero alias. By a far margin, the crowbar was the best tool for tearing out whatever was in my way. I judged based on weight, agility, speed, nail work, etc. Seeing this “improved” model makes me want to buy one and go back with a vengeance. Rubber grip and sledge hammer capability, and scary teeth, these are all things I would add. Maybe they can incorporate an mp3 player that plays the office space printer beatdown song?

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