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Think rewiring your bathroom is tough?  Try rewiring the International Space Station.

From NASA: “Since it went into orbit in 1998, the space station has been running on a temporary electrical system.  Lead space station flight director John Curry compared it to the way you might guild a house on the ground — until your electricity is hooked up, you probably plug your saws into a generator.  That’s basically what the astronauts building and living on the station have been doing for the past eight years.”

Eight years?  The next time your significant other asks why the latest house project isn’t done, just tell ’em NASA’s handling the scheduling.

Seriously, though, check out the NASA’s brief for lots of interesting info about how the space station’s wired and how they’re training to use some uber-cool tools in space.  And don’t miss the STS-116 launch this Thursday at 9:35 p.m. EST (if the weather holds).

Shuttle Mission STS-116: A Hard Wire Job [Nasa.gov]


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  1. Myself says:

    Photo comes from the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, a 6-million-gallon pool in Houston that has models of various spacecraft for astronauts to practice on while “weightless”.

    Fingers crossed for Discovery!

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