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Here’s something you’ve probably never thought about buying — unless you’re into Bonsai trees.  (Cue pan flutes and ready Mr. Miyagi references…)  But even if you’re not into miniature oriental trees, I hear that these are really great for pruning any small plants or for any kind of small gardening work.

The pictured set (from Bonsai Outlet) are 7-1/4″ and are hand-forged from carbon steel with laminated blades.  They look quite nice and sell for about $40.  Froogle turned up a number of similar sets starting around $20.

Bonsai Shears [Bonsai Outlet]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Amit kandalkar says:

    I wish to buy a bonsai shear @ 20$ can u please courier it to me

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