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Another day — another winner: Daniel.

Daniel’s project: “I have a very small shop, so I am planning to build a covered area extending from the entrance so I can work on projects that require ventilation — painting, parts cleaning, etc. — and dirty projects — sanding/grinding — outside without getting wet.  (I live near Seattle.)”

Well, Daniel, hopefully this one will last just as long.

If you didn’t win — don’t despair; you’ve only got 22 more days to win!  Just post your winter project (that’s make use of the Fuego) as a comment on this post for another chance to win.  (And remember, though you can only win once — you can post projects as often as you’d like.  So if yours wasn’t selected yesterday or the day before, don’t be afraid to give us a new take on it — or maybe link in a picture or two!)

Contest Details [Toolmonger/RIDGID]


16 Responses to 25 Days of Fuego: Day 3 Winner — More Chances to Win Right Here!

  1. Logan Rhyne says:

    Hey fellow toolmongers,
    My name is Logan Rhyne and I, as a humble and stereotypically poor college student have no money for fancy “power” tools. In an effort to increase the livable space in my sub-200sq.ft. dorm room I have started to build lofts for my and my roommates bed. This has quickly morphed into a semester long project of adding what amounts to a second floor to our room. Anyways a shiny new “power” tool would certainly be a godsend while I continue attempt to cover our entire floor in a layer of sawdust.

  2. Tim says:

    One more winter project: We live on the back side of a hill in the forest and have a short scenic walk through our woods. My wife isn’t too confident hiking around the big rocks in the forest, but I’ve smoothed the path to make it easy to walk on. The only remaining problem is the small stream. To get across it now is fairly easy: simply climb down into the stream bed and than back across the other side. But when the spring thaw comes, the stream becomes a gusher, and the path is completely blocked off (absent an Indiana Jones-esque running jump).

    I’d like to build a bridge to cross this stream, allowing us to stroll in style.

  3. Jay S says:

    While winter hits us in beautiful LV, I am thinking of the long summer days ahead. I would love to use this beautiful fuego saw to build some shade from the summer fuego. A nice chunky mission or southwestern style arbor would do wonders to our south facing patio. I desperately need an accurate powerful tool to make all the cuts for posts, beams and slats. Lets just hope I don’t have a problem with concrete freezing!

  4. Frank Hicinbothem says:

    I’ve got a pile of leftover mahogany from another boating project. I want to build a folding kayak stand for my backyard, similar to this one but made from mahogany instead of nasty plastic.

  5. Blake West says:

    I really could have used this saw on the two projects I recently completed: a picnic table as a 5th anniversary gift (by request) for my wife, and an insulated shelter for a feral cat that lingers around the house. But wait! There are still two very important projects I’ve yet to finish. By Christmas, I owe my three year-old daughter a play kitchen complete with refrigerator, stove top, oven, sink, AND dishwasher. I also need to finish a new kitchen table to go with the storage bench I built a couple months ago.

    I generally use a jigsaw I got for Chrismas one year for cutting plywood and thin stock. I can get pretty straight cuts with the jigsaw, but the blade often bends sideways, so I don’t get a really perpendicular cut. I use a hand saw for two-by-fours and the like. The Rigid Fuego would help me out a lot on making nice looking cabinet doors and getting everything square on the play kitchen. I think it would also help me get a clean cut for the table-top.

    My family lives in a tiny house. I don’t have a shop or a garage, just a couple saw horses, so portable tools work great for me. I sure could use a Fuego.

  6. Gene D. says:

    This weekend, while I was outside unclogging my dryer vent ductwork, I discovered that we have some siding that needs to be replaced. Currently in need of a circular saw, I believe that the Fuego would be the perfect tool for cutting out the old siding. I will be working on a ladder, so a small and light tool would be ideal.

  7. Fletcher says:

    I have a number of projects in the till, most of them ‘winter’ projects that began life as ‘fall’ projects or, worse, ‘summer’ projects. I guess this gives me the opportunity to keep entering this contest.
    To pick one to start it off, I’m upgrading my shop. Just recently installed 100amp service (upgraded from 12 amp, which used to terminate at a 1940s-vintage glass fuse box.) Just got the lighting in, and have gotten started on the outlets (including 220v for heat and compressor.)
    I was planning on running exhaust hose out for passive exhaust venting but got (for free) a large exhaust fan (big motor, 6″ impellor, ducting; much like a large vacuum cleaner) that used to sit on the roof of a commercial building roof, exhausting vapors from the use of an industrial laser. Since this is really overkill for my `68 Mustang and motorycle projects, it’ll be a ‘found materials’ project for the most part, utilizing 4″ drainage pipe and PVC parts I already have.

  8. Tim Bock says:

    My dream project this winter is to build the world’s most powerful work bench. It’s all worked out to the finest detail in my mind. No woodworking publication will have ever seen anything like it. The DIY Network will be clambering at my door for intereviews. People will talk and write about it for years to come. It will enter the pantheon of the great wonders of the work bench world. My name will be known far and wide. This is the big one folks!

    But no. My wife says I have to replace all the 1970’s era doors in our house. Then I have to repair the sodden, falling apart steps in the back yard. And finally I have to fix the two holes in the fence that the coyotes crawl through to poop in our yard.

    Sigh. Next year will be the work bench.

    But to be fair, I do have a good framing saw that has seen much use for the past thirty-odd years and still runs strong. It is a Black and Decker steel monstrosity that probably weighs twenty pounds and has had at least three ‘cord-oscopies’ in its long life. This old saw has built dog houses, tree houses, two decks, several work benches and has even cut thru a twenty-foot swath of concrete sidewalk. But the old girl is starting to smell like cordite and she is due to retire to the resthome atop the cabinet in my garage next to the old broken vacuum that I can’t bear to part with. She will indeed shortly see her final project sawing fence timbers in the biting warmth of our Southern Californina winter. But in case she finally gives up the ghost…

    Great PodCast and website, guys. And thanks Rigid for their generosity!

  9. Ryan D L says:

    My wife and I are in the process of moving in to our very first house. We have a half finished basement. I figured a whole basement would be a great first time winter project. Having only lived in very small apartments, I haven’t had the chance to build up a stock of handy power tools, and I don’t think it will get done with just my little travel size car tool set. I’, sure there is other tools that will help in the project, but i think Fuego will get the whole thing started off well.

  10. Mark says:

    Between not wanting to scrape frost off my car in the dim Ohio morning light and our 3 year old’s tools and toys, my garage shop is no longer functional. Thus, my next big project needs to start as soon as the permits are granted. It will be a 13′ x 17′ addition to the garage. There will be lots of natural lighting and a large overhang/”patio” for the BBQ. Above all, this space will be fully insulated and will be heated with a external wood-fired oven built into the back wall … a place to work and play, toasty warm, and good food! As you can see from the link below, I already have one helper and shop companion lined up. A handy-dandy Fuego would of course also be invaluable throughout the course of this project.


  11. Brett says:

    This winter’s projects are well suited for a new circ saw. 2 workbenches for me and 2 storage benches the my wife.

  12. I’ve got a deck that still needs the decking trimmed to length. I want to make a treasure box for my 5 year old. But the big project, weather permitting is a new roof for my small house.

    I just discovered the problem this past weekend when it rained — and leaked into my bathroom. I found a patch of sheathing that is soft and needs to be replaced. Yuck. Not the job to do in frozen Iowa, but the Fuego looks like the right tool for the job.

    When that’s complete, I can make the workbench I’ve been wanting. I’ve saved an old steel door to use as stiffening for the top. I think I’ll still put a layer of plywood on top of that.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  13. Chris says:

    I know it’s not quite a winter project, but… I’m gonna start building a 2800 sf ICF home, March 1st. Could really use a new Circlular Saw. By the way my birthday is Dec 8 😉

  14. Tom says:

    My wife, baby, and I bought our first house and I need to build a proper rack to store our four canoes so I can fit a car (my wife’s) into our 1-car garage. Now that it has started snowing my deadline draws ever nearer.

    After all that is done I need to make some saw-horses, and workbenches. All the things that a new house needs.

  15. Patrick says:

    It may not be a winter project, but it’s a future project. I want to build a hidden door for my son’s bedroom or closet. You would have to pull a book to open the door. And if that goes well I’ll make one for our kitchen pantry. Depending on what the wife will let me do.

    Here’s some pictures of what I’m thinking about.


    I’ll be sure to pass along pictures when it’s complete.

  16. Quentin says:

    I’ve been lusting after completing my shop so that I can start producing (or rather learning how to produce) furniture for my wife.

    I always feel guilty when we buy a little side table, serving tray or corner hutch. Whenever we’re in the store and she sees a table she likes, I always say “I can build that” and then I never do. It’s gotten so bad now that we refer to “I can build that” as the phrase that shall not be spoken!

    So what my shop really needs is a good workbench. A Ridgid Fuego would really help me finally finish that off so I can start building what I promised my wife a long time ago, A headboard for our new bed.

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