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MattW says: “What makes this so cool is that rotating the handle spins the socket — but it doesn’t matter which way you spin the handle, the socket only spins in the direction the ratchet is set.  So, you just spin the handle back and forth and the socket rotates with each movement.  This is the most awesome socket for when you have limited wrench movement, need to run a fastener up, and there isn’t sufficient torque to allow the ratchet to back up.”

We’d heard of these and thought they were pretty slick, but didn’t know about the either-way-turns-the-ratchet-the-way-it’s-set behavior — that’s sweet indeed.  We’ll see if we can’t turn up some more information regarding these in the future.  The link below is to the 3/8″ version, but they make 1/4″ as well.

We’ll have to check on pricing for the Proto version, but StanleyWorks makes Stanley, Husky, and Blackhawk versions ranging in price from $30 to $60 depending on size and brand.

The 3/8″ Rotator Ratchet [Stanley Proto]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Reader Find: Stanley Proto’s Rotator Ratchet

  1. Teacher says:

    Doesn’t the ratchet in the picture have “Blackhawk” on the handle? Does that mean that the Stanley, Proto and Blackhawk ratchet lines are the same tool with different names stamped on them?

  2. Eddie says:

    Yes thats what it means, Teach. I have one of these and think it;s great, I have yet to put it through it’s paces though. It also doesn’t have a socket release button (which I prefer) I picked it up along with an infiniflex ratchet and a Husky Pro Black Chrome high torque ratchet recently. unfortunately what I didn’t realize was that the high torque model was 1/2″ and not 3/8″

  3. vocalpatriot says:

    got one of these back in ’05. The guys laughed, but after a while of tough usage, they all wanted to use mine…um, no guys…get yer own..y’all were laughin’ before, but not no more…lol

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