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Myself says: “Common among jewlers, box-joint pliers have less lateral play than their cheaper counterparts.  I have an ultra-fine-nose pair that I use for straightening pins on computer connectors among other things.”

The ones pictured above come from Contenti — a jewelry-making supply shop — which offers them in flat-nose, round-nose, and chain nose as well as end and diagonal cutters — mostly around $20 each.  Froogle turned up some other options as well.

Box-Joint Pliers [Contenti]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Myself says:

    Addendum: I think this is the exact model I have: http://tmt.stores.yahoo.net/precstainste.html

    The ultra fine tips are incredibly handy for any sort of electronics work, but they’re so sharp they can pierce skin. If you drop these, just let them fall, don’t reach out to catch them!

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