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Rick says: “As for my favorite tool — That’s gotta be my ratcheting screwdriver…  Anytime something needs fixing, I grab that first to go check it out.  If a friend calls that they have a loose door, busted door knob, some electric problem, or that their refrigerator door opens the wrong way, I just grab that screwdriver and the figure what else (if anything) I might need.”


The one pictured above comes from Craftsman for $25, though some readers suggest that the Snap-on version is quite desirable at $42.25. 

The Craftsman Ratcheting Screwdriver [via] [Sears]
Snap-on’s Ratcheting Screwdriver [Snap-on]

Update: This seems to be the one that our readers enjoy from Snap-on.


8 Responses to Reader Find: Craftsman Ratcheting Screwdriver

  1. eschoendorff says:

    I have more than a few ratcheting screwdrivers. I have the GearDriver (Matco version) as well as a few Craftsman… but my all-time favorite is this one from Snap On:


    In my humble opinion, this is the best out there. If you’re going to buy just one ratcheting screwdriver, mke it this one. You’ll never be sorry….

  2. Andy says:

    totally agree with eschoendorff. There is simply no better…

  3. Myself says:

    So where does one get double-ended bits, anyway? I’m unlikely to ever need the square drivers that come with these tools, but I’d love a wider variety of Torx sizes. Also, I’d like to trade in all but one of the straightblade tips for a full set of Philips sizes. I find all sorts of places offering single-ended screwdriver tips, but nobody seems to have the double-ended ones for individual purchase.

  4. Rick says:

    Hey Myself…

    They are out there.. just a matter of finding a retailer that has them.. Vermont American for one makes them:

  5. Myself says:

    Thanks, Rick!

    It’s funny that you can get 4 sizes of Torx in 2 bits, but if you want 4 sizes of Philips, you’re screwed. (ha!) You can get 3 sizes of Philips, but it takes 3 bits and you get a bunch of redundant straightblade tips while you’re at it. Oh well. I just need a small CNC lathe and a pile of hex bar stock….

  6. Andy says:

    Those aren’t double ended bits. They’re normal ones positioned back to back. Which is good.

  7. Peter says:

    I just picked up a terrible screwdriver and some lousy bits. Just to warn people: I am partial to the Ridgid ratcheting screwdriver, now off the market. So, having stopped at a total of three places and not found it, I gave up and bought a Stanley screwdriver.

    It’s far heavier than it needs to be, and for all that weight, the magnet is very weak – adequate to hold the tip, but not enough to make it possible to pick up screws with the tip. Very disappointing.

    Also, I found a wonderful set of Craftsman tips years ago. Unable to locate them, I grabbed a set of Skil tips that looked okay to me. The build on the housing is terrible, and the tips themselves aren’t much better.

    I will find a place that sells the Snap-On and spend up. I would far rather spend a few dollars extra than make do with this garbage.

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