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Most Toolmongers will recognize this as a Leatherman Squirt with some laser etching — but we’re pretty big MAKE fans and would go ahead and ante up for the etching just to show our allegience.  Why?

Our friend Phillip Torrone over at MAKE says that while there are larger Leathermans out there, this is his favorite; it’s perfect for cracking open cases (and voiding warranties) on the fly, and lives on his keychain.   And he’d have lots of experience. 

MAKE’s motto: “If you can’t open it, you don’t own it.”  Words to live by.

They come in two versions:

The P4, which features:

  • spring-loaded needlenose pliers
  • a straight knife
  • wire cutters
  • an extra small screwdriver
  • a medium screwdriver
  • a small, flat, Phillips screwdriver
  • a single-cut file
  • a cross-cut file
  • an opener
  • a lanyard attachment
  • and an awl

And the E4, which features:

  • spring-loaded electrical wire cutters
  • 20, 18, 16, 14, and 12 gauge wire strippers
  • a straight knife
  • tweezers
  • an extra-small screwdriver
  • a Phillips screwdriver
  • a wood/metal file
  • a bottle opener
  • and a lanyard attachment

It looks like the MAKE store just sold out, but hold on.  MAKE promises there’ll be more on the way very soon, and this would make a kick-ass Christmas present — even if it’s a little late.

Update: They’ve got more to sell — check shortly at the MAKE store to pick up yours before they sell out.

They’re currently $39 each.

The Warranty Voider [MAKE]


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