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submit250.jpgHave you ever found yourself reading Toolmonger and thinking, “Why don’t those bozos write about this and such?  It’s the best tool in my shop!”  Well, now you can tell us about it, and we can pass it on to Toolmongers everywhere.

You’ll notice a new graphic in the center sidebar labelled “Submit a Tool.”  It links to a short form you can use to tell us about your favorite tool, a new find, a deal you’ve come across and want to share, or anything else you think would interest other Toolmongers.  If you’d like credit for your find, be sure and include your name in the form.  And, if you trust us — and you should — you can include your email address.  We don’t publish the address, but it helps us if we’d like to ask you additional questions about the tool you submit to provide better coverage.

We’ve been scouring our shop, our friends’ shops, our friends’ friends’ shops, and the web for tools that might interest you, and we’ll continue to do so — but we’re really looking forward to seeing what you’ve found!

Submit a Tool [Toolmonger, of course]


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