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Just in time for the holiday season, RIDGID’s released a new lightweight circ saw which they call the Fuego.  As we in Texas already know, Fuego is Spanish for “fire,” and fire = good.  Or, fuego = bueno.

Though we haven’t laid our hands on one yet, we can say that this saw is interesting for a number of reasons.  It’s light (8 lbs).  It’s powerful (12A/6100 RPM).  It’s practical (see the rest of the article).  And if you’re concerned about durability, we have four words for you: free lifetime service agreement.

One other interesting fact: RIDGID’s been kind enough to offer up twenty-freakin-five of these saws for us to pass on to fellow Toolmongers in the days leading up to Christmas.  Check back later this week for the details regarding the giveaway — “Heat up your winter projects with the 25 days of Fuego!”

Read on past the jump for lots more about the Fuego.

At its core, the Fuego appears to be a practical and competent 6-1/2″ framing saw — designed with the jobsite in mind.  I say “practical” because it’s interesting to us how RIDGID decided to apply technology in this tool.  For example, rather than applying a laser to the fuego — or even two lasers to show the kerf — they simply added a notch fore and aft the exact size of kerf.  Same effect — less stuff to break or come out of alignment.  They thoughtfully include a motor vent positioned properly to blow chips and dust out of the cut line.

Another example: adding lightness.  To keep the Fuego’s weight down, RIDGID added magnesium upper and lower blade guards.  Flashy?  No.  Functional?  Yep.

It also features a 12 foot all-rubber power cord, and a slick lighted plug so you can tell at a glance whether it’s been unplugged or the outlet’s been switched off.  There’s a back-lit icon of the tool on the plug, too, so you can pick it out of the bunch when you’re unplugging it at the jobsite.  RIDGID provides a hook-and-look cord storage strap as well.

Like many framing saws, it offerss a 0-50 degree bevel capactity with a 45 degree positive stop.  It ships with an 18-tooth thin-kerf carbide-tipped blade and a storage bag.

Despite the sweet name, this seems like a hard-working blue-collar saw.  Check back soon for more information — and our hands-on review — as well as more on your opporunity to win your own Fuego in the 25 Days of Fuego giveaway.


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