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This generally wouldn’t constitute news anywhere but here.  But we are Toolmongers, which means we watch all things tool, even things like this: Skil redesigned their website.

From the press release: “The main goals for the redesign were to provide complete and detailed product information needed by our consumers to make an informed purchase decision, facilitate that purchase decision through our e-commerce partner links and store locater, and supply valuable content to our DIY audience to encourage return visits,” said Linda Mueller, website manager for SKIL Power Tools, probably cribbing from the office’s mission statement and stating the obvious goals of any retailer for their website.

Seriously, though, it’s a nice looking re-design, and the new site offers more pictures of each product and easier naviagtion than the old one, so check it out when you get a chance.

Oh yeah, and swing back by Toolmonger soon for reviews of the iXO2 and the new 10.8V li-ion driver.

The New Site [Skil, English/US]


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