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We’re out in the shop so much that on occasion some things in the homestead go unattended — things such as small cracks in the drywall.  Little cracks are normal as the lumber in a new home dries, but they can get out of hand if you don’t nip them in the bud.

My bud-nipping today comes in the form of the Dap Patch Stick.  Remember how your friends always recommended putting toothpaste in the holes in your dorm room/apartment walls to avoid fines?  (Always use Colgate — not green Crest as one of our a-bit-dim friends did.)  The DAP Patch Stick claims to work the same way, but with professional results.

I decided to give it a try because I didn’t feel like getting out that spackle and texture just to fix a couple of little cracks.  Also, I’m lazy.

The Patch Stick is crack and hole filler DAP thoughtfully put in a container that functions just like a large glue stick – just like the ones you used to use in school.  A screw type bottom pushes the filler out the top in a controlled manner.  It comes with a small spackling knife that turns out to be just the right size and shape for small cracks.

000_0005.jpg 000_0004.jpg

My “field test” of the Patch Stick was this home wrecker of a crack, about 4″ long.  While it’s not a big deal, it is most annoying.


Following the instructions — which take up less than a half inch on the back of the tube — I removed the cap and twisted out a 16th of an inch or so of filler.  The instructions say you can either apply the filler tube directly to the crack or scoop it onto the knife and apply it.  I opted for the knife as it seemed more controlled — like it’d provide a better, more even surface.


I spread the filler across the crack, making sure to get filler in the entire gap. The filler itself is the consistency of foamy toothpaste when it’s wet so spreading is very simple.  Just make sure you twist out enough to cover all undesirable areas.  Repeating the twist, scoop, and slather actions resulted in a vanished wall crack in about 3 minutes time.

000_0008.jpg 000_0009.jpg 000_0010.jpg

The drying time was about 10 minutes — as indicated on the tube — and it dried hard, stark white, and ready for some touch up paint with no sanding required at all.



The DAP Patch Stick is a great product for small filler repair around the house.  It worked well for me, and I’d recommend it as a good alternative for small cracks when mixing up spackle (or the other usual remedies) are overkill. 

The Patch Stick is very easy to use and completely user friendly.  Pretty much anyone could manage to make a drywall blemish disappear without a call to a contractor, and for $3 who can’t swing that?

The Patch Stick [Dap]
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2 Responses to Hands On: The Patch Stick

  1. Jake Strait says:

    Does it allow you to wipe away the excess that doesn’t go into the crack or does it not come off easily? Then you don’t fill in the texture of the wall.

  2. Sean O'Hara says:

    It comes off pretty easy if you wipe it off in the first few minutes with a damp sponge or towel. Be sure you don’t use too much water or it will dissolve the filler.

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