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There’s no way we’d pay $90 for a two-speed drill — unless it came packages with $88 in cash.  But when we found this mini-combo for $39 on sale this weekend, well…  Maybe.  This kit features B&D’s standard 18V two-speed drill with a six-position clutch bundled with an AM/FM radio that runs on the same batteries and can play tunes for about ten hours on one charge (according to B&D).

But whether this particular kit turns you on or turns you off, it signifies the kind of deals that we’ll begin to see regularly until Christmas.  If you missed black Friday and the first salvo in this years gimmick war take heart: your local retailer will be trying to “out deal” the competition in no time, and you’ll get your find.  So be vigilant this holiday season and you could wind up with some reasonably cool gear at half price or less.

18 Volt Cordless Drill and Radio Charger [Black and Decker]
Street Prcing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: Black & Decker 18V Drill w/Radio Charging Stand

  1. allan petty says:

    Had one charge cord prongs broke off. So won’t work nothing works

  2. allan petty says:

    How can I order one of these@39.00

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