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Rob’s question got me thinking.  We’ve reviewed and discussed so many drill/drivers that somehow this one never make it to the site, even though both Sean and I see it as a great bargain — when it’s on sale, which it’s not right now. 

I picked up one of these a while back when my previous (really cheap) drill/driver gave up the ghost.  I was on an extremely tight budget, so I did some serious shopping, which lead to our “Selecting Your Next Cordless Drill” post, and sort of the beginning of Toolmonger.  (I know, I know — that post needs an update, and I promise one before Christmas, ok?)

Anyway, after looking at zillions of drill/drivers, I ended up picking up the Craftsman because it offered a lot more torque than most of the units in its price range — did I mention I paid $99 for it? — which sort of overcame the poor waranty issues.

We should probably do a full-on “hands-on” with this, because we’ve had our hands on it in the shop for months and months, but in short: it’s a pretty decent drill/driver, and it’s a great drill/driver for $99 on sale.  The light’s pretty darn handy, too.

If you’re looking for a drill/driver in the $100 range, and you’ve got some time, keep your eyes on Sears.  They’ll put it back on sale again soon.

Craftsman 19.2V Cordless Drill/Driver w/LED Light [Sears]


2 Responses to Finds: Craftsman 19.2V Drill/Driver w/LED Light

  1. olderty says:

    I got this combo last Christmas as a gift (so price wasn’t a factor for me), but it’s been great. The led is nice, however I wish it would go to full on bright when you apply any pressure to the trigger. As it is now it gets brighter the faster the speed. Craftsman has another drill with a horiz. and vert. laser that shows up so you can zero in on a screw or future hole. That seems a little too much for me, I can’t think of an instance where you wouldn’t be able to get an accurate hole w/o a laser…

    Beyond the tricks, it’s got great power and good balance. Battery life is still good after a year. Same goes for the light.

  2. tigerterry says:

    Just got the drill. Fantastic! Two 19.2V Die Hard Batteries and a powerful light to boot! All for $99.

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