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In between gnoshing on Turkey and laying around on this glorious holiday, we’d like to take a moment to offer our thanks to all of you out there who’ve helped Toolmonger grow to what it is today.

We could produce a big list, but you know who you are: the daily readers, our favorite commenters, the guys (and gals) who bust us when we miss the point (or the fine print), the tool companies that understand that not all toolaholics are over 60 and not everyone gets their tool news from Popular Mechanics, the other (much more famous and significant) writers who’ve taken us under their wings, the friends and family that’ve helped out with tool testing (and some of the crazy stunts we’ve dreamed up), and the family that puts up with our long hours working on Toolmonger instead of getting a “real” job…

You’re Toolmongers, all of you.



One Response to Happy Thanksgiving from Toolmonger

  1. Myself says:

    It’s all your fault that we’re here in the first place! Thanks for the cool site, the serious reviews, the great pictures, and the mouth-watering giveaways.

    I read a handful of magazines with tool content (jlc, homepower, circuitcellar), but nothing beats the user-to-user interaction that’s possible on a site like this. Hearing real anecdotes “from the trenches” and insights from third parties certainly adds to the experience, because even the best review can only represent the reviewer’s observations.

    Proud to call myself a Toolmonger!

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