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Admit it — you love receiving the Harbor Freight flyer in the mail — both for the great deals and the great entertainment.  (Where do they get some of this stuff?  China.  But maybe the best question is, “Why?”)

Seriously, though, there’s some neat stuff in this one — along with some real head-scratchers.  Read on past the jump for the best (and worst) this time ’round.

Our Favorites


18 Volt Cordless Drill and Flashlight Kit
We wrote about these once before when they were selling the drill by itself for $16.  Now at $20 for the drill and a flashlight, it’s an even better deal.  Sure, the drill’s a piece of crap, but hey — where can you get a motor, clutch, gearbox, and big-ass Ni-Cd battery — with flashlight — for just a Jackson?


16″ x 30″ Service Cart
We’ve got one of these in the shop, and it’s great.  It’s cheaply made, but hell, it drags our crap around just fine.  And at $22, it’s hard to go wrong.  Assembly’s a PITA, though — but worth it.


Heavy Duty Workstation
This looks like it could make a decent little power tool stand, or at least the basis of a power tool stand project; with a little assistance, it could be pretty sturdy.  And hey, try building one yourself for $17.


10″ Pneumatic Tire
Any bets on whether this is meant as a replacement for the 10″ tires on little-red-wagon back on the first page?  Regardless, for a fiver you can have a cool wheel for a project.  Never count out HF for stuff like this — we’ve picked up caster wheels on the cheap there, too.


1″ Chip Brushes (Case of 36)
No more ruining your paintbrushes brushing chips off the drill press.  (What?  You’re blowing them off?  Stop now, for safety’s sake.)  ‘Nuff said.


3″ C-Clamp
It’s junk, but now’s your chance to own a pile of C-clamps.  If it saves your butt once for $2, it’s a good deal.


6 Pair Leather Industrial Work Gloves
At just over $1 a pair, you can now have enough gloves for all the friends that’ll show up (lured by a weak promise of beer and pizza) to help you move.  Or, you can have a couple of pairs of “clean” gloves for when you’re moving the nice stuff.  You won’t even be pissed when your family and friends borrow them to work in the garden.


1500 lb. Capacity ATV/Motorcycle Lift
We picked one of these up for Project BMW and it works pretty decently.  Only buy it on sale, though — you can get better ones for around $100.


Mechanic’s Roller Seat
We still like our tractor seat solution, but if you’re going to buy one of these, buy it from HF for $10 instead of from Craftsman for $30.  The difference?  “C-r-a-f-t-s-m-a-n.”  How much is that a letter?

Known Crap


1000 lb Capacity Engine Stand
We have one of these.  It won’t hold a 700 lb Chevy 350.  It’s a total POS.  Pass. 

The Head-Scratchers


Cen-Tech Hand Wand Metal Detector
What, do you need to practice before going to the airport?  Who buys these — from HF?


36″ Decorative Wooden Wagon Wheel
Ok, I could see some uses for this.  But who sits around at HF and says, “Hey, I found this deal on 100,000 wagon wheels.  Let’s nab ’em!”


Electronic Soduku Game
My God, how many of these do they have?  They’ve been listed in the last five flyers.  Tools, people.  TOOLS.


9 Responses to Deals: Harbor Freight’s Latest Missive

  1. Toolaremia says:

    Mechanic’s Roller Seat: Difference between it and the Craftsman is the Craftsman is *square*. I have the Harbor Fright one, and the seat brackets lean a couple of degrees to one side. Still works fine, just looks like it was put together by a drunk. (Well, OK, it was. But that’s another story…)

  2. Jason says:

    I don’t care how heavy duty that workstation is — there’s no way it could hold 1000 pounds (unless there is some alternate definition of “pound” or “1000” that I’m not aware of).

  3. Sean O'Hara says:

    Perhaps ‘pound’ is defined as the British currency? 😉

  4. Brig says:

    The metal detector would be great for finding metal embedded in recycled lumber–boards that came from, say, an old barn that you want to turn into a new project. Give it a good once-over with the wand before putting a planer or blade through it.

  5. boss sauce says:

    i wonder– (how) can i get these prices if i didn’t get the flyer?

  6. K2Kathe says:

    You don’t need a flyer they have a table full of them when you walk in the door plus even more sales not sent out(in store deals). I’m piggy backin this answer with a Q. Has anyone got the penlike impact set? I wonder how hard i can hit it and not damage a fuel filter screw on my big bore motorcyle?

  7. Bob says:

    Have used their tools for years, you are right most of it is junk, but the average handyman doesn’t needindustrial strength anything. I have used their 3.5 cu ft concrete mixer for threeyears, over 700 bags have go0ne thru it and not even a new belt, where the site forbids a concrete truck likemine it is worth its weight (125#) in gold!!!!


  8. Joyce brown says:

    Trying to order the 36 inch wagon wheels need two cannot order?

  9. Jesus cavazos says:

    Looking for wagon wheels

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