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Irving says: “If you want to Dysonize your big shop vac, check out the Clearvue Mini CV06.  It’s designed for wood chips, but I’ve found it works wonderfully on general remodeling clean up (mortar and drywall chunks, fine dust, etc.).  And I’m only powering it with a craptastic $40 6-gallon RIDGID shop vacuum.”

They look pretty slick — it’s a clear cyclone chamber that you can attach right to the top of your shop vacuum or to a 55-gallon drum.  The model Irving mentions retails for $165, though other larger (and more expensive) units are available for permanent installation.

Check out their website for videos, a big photo gallery, and lots more information about the product.  (Scroll down the page a bit to see the Mini CV06 — no direct link is available.)

The Mini CV06 [Clear Vue Cyclones]

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3 Responses to Reader Find: Clear Vue Cyclones

  1. Myself says:

    $37.50!!! Bolt some PVC flanges to a regular trashcan lid, people!

    Seriously, watch out for the fine dust here: The first-stage bucket will get most of the big stuff, so when you open the shop vac itself, you’ll find its bin nearly empty, but this belies the amount of fine stuff the filter’s clogging itself up with. Even if the shop vac doesn’t look like it’s catching much, be sure to bang the dust out of the filter regularly!

    Also, if you’re planning to use a setup like this on a large (30-gal plus) can, consider metal instead of plastic. The Rubbermaid ones like to collapse under vacuum if there’s any sort of asymmetric force on them.

  2. Irving Washington says:

    Sweet! I didn’t know that my comment would get a whole post dedicated to my new favorite clean up tool. I looked at some of the can lid systems that some mentioned in the comments, but I was not convinced that they’d seperate the ultra fine mortar dust that my remodeling is generating. I am convinced that the CV-06 *does* seperate out the fine dust extremely well. I just finished stripping a 34′ L x 10.5′ T wall in my house that was covered with 3/4″+ of mortar. Needless to say this activity generated a massive amount of cleanup and starting with a new RIDGID level 2 filter (one below their HEPA filter) in my vac, I vacuumed up about three 5 gal buckets of mortar with zero loss of power. Opening the vacuum, the filter was covered a fine layer of dust, but being that I’d been vacuuming for over an hour, it was nothing compared to how quickly the vac would have packed it in without the CV-06. Expensive but my time is worth it.

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