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Dremel may have been knocked from the throne when it comes to the most expensive glue gun: The HiPURformer system blows by the $20 mark and keeps on going.  We had to ask why this system was so much more, and the answer is that it does a bunch more than a standard glue gun — and it’s cordless. 

The HiPURformer “Advanced Bonding System” has solutions for lots more applications than your run of the mill glue-beads-on-something job.  More specifically, it can stick together woodworking and home repair projects using polyurethane hot melt adhesives that offer a faster set time than “yellow” glues.  They also sport a stronger bond than traditional hot melts — and a less brittle bond than super glue.

The glue tube loads in the front and heats to temperature in about 15 minutes; the light on the unit turns green when it’s ready.  After that it works like any other glue gun, except that it’s cordless — just remove it from the charging stand and squeeze the trigger to expend glue.

The glue comes in several different formulas designed for general purpose use, wood, smooth surfaces, and quick set.  It might be a good solution if the answer to the task at hand can be solved with sticky goo.  In many applications it could eliminate the use of nails or staples.

Bring your wallet, though.  Street pricing for the starter kit begins at $110 and a refill tube will stick you for $8.  Ouch!

HiPURformer Bonding System [Steinel]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


5 Responses to Finds: The HiPURformer Bonding System

  1. Joe says:

    “cordless?” my glue gun (sears craftsman heavy duty, ~$12) also runs for 20 minutes or so in “cordless” mode! i dont see any mention of a battery or anything. it sounds like its just a standard glue gun!

    with the sears, the “cordless” mode is sort of handy, it gets the glue way too hot to do delicate work. so instead of packing a large and small, just let it sit for 5-10m and it will be just right

  2. Mel says:

    With the popularity of MDF trim with builders lately (myself included), this system is seeing a lot of use by trim carpenters. It joins pieces quickly and easily, and makes joints that are stronger than the material. I require it of my trim carpenters when using mdf base, case and crown mouldings do to its excellent joining and thus less warranty work on my end after the fact. The only real downside is the availablility of the product to the diy market, I usually end up sourcing it through my local trim supplier and have the glue sent out with my trim orders.

  3. jyiwhhrpoy says:

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  4. noone says:

    Cool site i think im gonna buy this gun

  5. tommy b says:

    what mm. are the bullets?

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