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Dyson makes great uprights — just ask Sean.  He says that nothing (at least nothing legal for sale over-the-counter) gets dog hair out of carpet better.  Now Dyson’s entered the handheld arena with their new Root 6, described as “the only handheld that doesn’t lose suction.” 

But when a friend described the Root 6 to us as a “mini shop vacuum,” we knew we had to find out what it’d really do — or not do — even if it meant a sacrifice.   

A note to readers: Don’t do this to your Root 6.  Really.


If nothing else, it’s worth mentioning that Dyson spent a crapton on the Root 6’s packaging.  Just about every surface is covered with fetching color images of the ‘6 and/or Al Gore quality graphs regarding its performance.

post-root1.jpg   post-root2.jpg   post-root3.jpg

post-root4.jpg   post-root5.jpg   post-root6.jpg

Note: Click on small images to see their larger counterparts.

There aren’t that many parts to the ‘6, so assembly is pretty straightforward: Attach the battery and nozzle of choice and you’re good to go.

post-root7.jpg   post-root8.jpg   post-root9.jpg

The ‘6 ships with two nozzles: a standard “narrow” nozzle, and a convertible brush-type nozzle.  The brush nozzle seems to be the most useful of the two as it can convert to something very similar to the “narrow” type by sliding the brush back out of the way.

post-root11.jpg   post-root10.jpg   post-root12.jpg

The Root’s filter is in the middle of the unit, and is easy to clean or replace.  A second filter at the motor’s outlet helps to trap any remaining dust.

post-root13.jpg   post-root14.jpg   post-root15.jpg

The Root is definitely bagless, and ingested debris are sucked into a central chamber.  Emptying it is as simple as pushing the red lever — which pops open the bottom of the chamber — while holding the ‘6 over the trash can.

post-root16.jpg   post-root17.jpg

The 21.6V li-ion battery attaches at the rear, and the whole unit slides into the charger — for both charging and storage.

Read on to page 2 for our experiences using the ‘6 around the house.

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3 Responses to Test to Failure: The Dyson Root 6

  1. Irving Washington says:

    Forget this! If you want to Dysonize your big shop vac, check out the Clearvue Mini CV06 (http://www.clearvuecyclones.com). Designed for wood chips, but I’ve found it works wonderfully on general remodeling clean up (mortar and drywall chunks, find dust, etc.). And I’m only powering it with a craptastic $40 6gal Ridgid shopvac.


  2. Chuck Cage says:

    Irving: The Clear Vue looks like an interesting option! I hope you don’t mind, but I dropped it out as a “reader find.” I think other readers’ll be interested in this. — C

  3. david says:

    suction aside i would like to know what the batterie life is before recharge
    i heard it lasts only 3mins after a full charge was this the casewith your tests

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