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When it comes to welding helmet decorations, we live by a simple credo: flames = good.  So when we heard about Hobart’s XTV-series auto-darkening helmets, our first question was, “Do they come in flames?”

Yes.  Yes, they do.

Besides the sweet graphics, these are indeed auto-darkening helmets.  If you’ve yet to use one, you’re totally missing out.  Just think: no more “head flick,” no more wondering if you’re really lined up before you start welding, and no more flashes.  In normal mode, it’s like looking through a pair of medium-dark sunglasses, but 1/12,000 of a second after you strike an arc the helmet darkens to a full welding shade — adjustable between a #9 and a #12.

(Our advice: stick to #10 or darker.  It’s good for you.)

The XTV series features adjustable shade, lens sensitivity, and delay, and street pricing starts right around $150 — a great investment in your welding grinding career.

XTV-Series Variable Shade Auto-Darkening Helmets [Hobart]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


One Response to Finds: Hobart’s XTV-Series Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets

  1. Rob says:

    Auto-darkening helmets should be one of the first things you get after getting a welder. They will make learning soooo much easier. These from Hobart look pretty nice, if I needed another A-D helmet, this would definitely be on my list.

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