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Buck Yellowhorse Bear Mountain
The 4-7/8” (closed) Buck Yellowhorse Bear Mountain represents the ultimate (realistic) opulence in terms of collector cutlery and features one of the most exotic handles available over-the-counter. It’s inlaid with turquoise, black jet, orange spiny oyster, and nickel silver in a beautiful pattern with turquoise claw marks on the bolsters.
Street Pricing: $350 


Case Select Bermuda Green Bone CopperLock
Fine workmanship and attention to detail grace Case’s Select Bermuda Green Bone Copper-Lock – and example of some of the best work Case has to offer. It features beautifully-crafted green bone and a rare “worked” backspring.
Street Pricing: $90


Case Elk Horn Muskrat
Fine workmanship and attention to detail grace Case’s Select Elk Horn Muskrat – and example is some of the best work Case has to offer. It features beautifully-crafted green elk horn with two clip blades.
Street Pricing: $80


Enjoy, and don’t forget that the knife you buy for a friend or relative should represent a true understanding of them.  Take an extra few minutes to think about their interests and personalities before selecting, and don’t think of the ones we’ve listed here as the end of the list but the beginning.

Happy shopping.

Toolmonger’s 2006 Christmas Buyer’s Guide: Pocket Knives [PDF: 2 MB]


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11 Responses to ’06 X-Mas Buyer’s Guide: Pocket Knives

  1. MrWilliamWallace says:

    I’m liking the Buck Summit but can’t justify it since i just recently got a Leatherman Fuse and also carry a lockback blade at work.

  2. Tabitha Chambers says:

    I want to buy a Christmas knive for a special person (male) and have it engraved, do you have any suggestions?


  3. Mel says:

    I can’t beat any of the leatherman knives and multipliers I have. They really stand behind their 25 year warranty!

  4. John says:

    Kind of Buck-heavy (or low priced) list. The Spyderco Caly 3 is one of the newer hotter knives from Spyderco. Sort of a sub-3″ version of the Spyderco Manix. Then in bigger knives, Swamp Rat Knife Works and Scrap Yard Knife Company are cheaper lines under the Busse company umbrella. Both have amazingly tough 6″ fixed blade knives out now.

  5. Old Donn says:

    No Gerber? Their Applegate-Fairbairn combat folder and the model 600 multi-tool with bit set are current U.S. Army issue. Seems like a pretty good endorsement to me.

  6. Kelli says:

    I use the sheffield quick change pocket / box opener knives. bout it aslo at http://www.jdindustrialsupply.com

  7. Ray says:

    I’d recommend the CRKT M16, or some variant of it to anyone looking for a good folder. any of the benchmades with the axis lock system or the Sogs with the similar system are even better, but cost more. The knife I carry on a daily basis is a Benchmade Osborn axis. besides CRKT, Benchmade, and sog, I also recommend Gerber, Spiderco, Kershaw, Beretta, Kabar, Cold Steel, Buck, Case, and Camillus, all of which make great knives in the $30 to $100 range.

    Above that, you might want to look at Strider, Surefire, Busse, Microtec, Benchmade premium line, Al Mar, Blackwater, Emerson, Mod, and TOPS. All of these companys produce knives in the $150- $400 bracket.

    also, these lists should include a lot of smaller and more usefull fixed blades than the big comic book looking bowies. Check out Blackhawk or Strider knives, and you will see what a fixed blade should be.

  8. Fayaz Saley says:

    I’m a dealer based in South Africa, our jungle-hunters and fieldman only opt for the best knives when it comes to strength power and most importantly usibility, from personal experience i’ll highly recommend The HK SERIES OF BENCHMADE knives, theze knives are solid-tough and can be put to test through the toughest of ability, you won’t be disappointed..

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