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We get more than a little, well, cantankerous if there’re no tunes in the shop, so portable tunes that can survive the jobsite are hight on the list when we’re loading up for remote work. 

Makita’s BMR100 cordless portable AM/FM radio looks to be made specifically for long plays when corded power isn’t an option, and that sounds great to us.  Unlike other units, the offering from Makita goes for a minimalist approach with no charger outlets or ability to power other tools; it’s an island entirely self contained, and lithium-ion batteries provide usable power for over two freakin’ days of solid play time before it needs recharging.

The casing looks rugged and claims weather resistance, but Makita makes no specific claims as to its survivability “out in the wild” such as what height it could survive a fall from.

It does look to be a solid unit none the less. Hey — it does come with a 5 programmable presets and li-ion batteries. What else do you want for $99?  An iPod jack.  Then again, will your iPod run for two days on batteries?

BMR100 Cordless Radio [Makita]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


5 Responses to Finds: Makita’s BMR100 — Long Plays at the Worksite

  1. Myself says:

    This looks fairly compact too, a departure from the kitchen-sink radios common to other systems. (Ryobi’s is also rather petite, but the DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Bosch versions look like they might not even fit behind the seat in a pickup cab!)

    And they STILL haven’t thought to include a weather alert radio. Le sigh.

  2. Rob says:

    The Milwaukee, while unable to fit behind the seat in a pickup, does have weatherband and a line in.

  3. Mike says:

    I’d pay $199 if it had a line in.

  4. Mel E. says:

    I think Makita really missed a chance here. They have the most basic spartan radio out there. No charger, no aux input, no 12v outlet, no weatherband, no 110 gfi outlet. What did the vp of r&f think? To much trouble to put all that together wo we’ll just leave it out. I really think a charger and a aux input are minimals to have in a radio now. The bosch stands out due to all of its features, and the Dewalt to almost as many features and rugedness.

  5. tom says:

    This Radio is much better than the Dewalt or Bosch if you want a job radio that you are going to move around. The Bosch and Dewalt have chargers, lines in, cd players big speakers, gfci outlets, etc. That makes them huge. I want a small radio that makes good tunes. I tried them all out and when I stick this one in a corner it has the best sound to size ratio by far.

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