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Construction workers (at least here in the ‘States) don’t think in decimals — they think in feet, inches, and fractions.  So does Calculated Industries’ Construction Master Pro Trig calculator.  And besides speaking “construction,” it also handles trigonometric functions to help calculate precise angle measurements for framing and roofing.

Some of the calculations the ‘Pro can handle for you:

  • finding weight per volume
  • figuring stair layouts (set riser height and solve for stairwell opening)
  • finding the number of on-center studs for an entered length
  • and calculating compount miter cut angles

Check the link for more examples.  Street pricing starts around $70-$80.

The Construction Master Pro Trig Calculator [Calculated Industries]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Jamey says:

    I have used another version of Calculated Industries calculators, and they are great. I have used few of the advanced functions, but the basic functions work well and are intuitive after the first couple uses.

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