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Toolmongers Top 5It’s been pretty crazy this week around the Toolmonger offices, and we’re looking forward to hitting the shop again next week to bring you some updates on Project Yukon and some of the other interesting hands-on tests we’ve been preparing.

But if you haven’t had a chance to keep up with Toolmonger this week, we suggest you start with these posts:

Hands-On: W.R. Case’s Red CV Pocket Knives
With a little goading we put aside our daily-carry pocket knives to try out a couple from Case’s new Red CV series.  Their covers are made of red-tinted bone, and they feature blades made of chrome vanadium — an alloy near to any Toolmonger’s heart.  We carried ’em, used ’em, and abused ’em for two weeks straight and report our findings.

Finds: JET Box & Pan Brake
I’ve wanted one of these ever since I helped a friend build a part for his homebuilt airplane using one of these.  Alas, at just a few bills shy of $5,000, I probably won’t find on of these under beside the tree this Christmas, but one can always wish.

Finds: Miller’s Passport — Welding To-Go
I remember back years ago when Compaq released their first portable computer.  It was slightly smaller than the only other “portable” of the time, the Osbourne.  Compaq ran an ad that featured a picture of a sumo wrestler with an Volkswagon on his back and the text, “Anything can be ‘portable.'”  Portable means a lot of different things to weldors, too, but Miller’s Passport just seems like a great idea.  It’s a total MIG unit — including a small gas bottle — in a small, sub-50-pound, Pelican-like briefcase.  Instant MIG, just add power.

Finds: Panasonic’s Cordless Metal Saw
Metal studs are all the rage on commercial constructions sites these days, and this is just the tool to rip right through ’em — sans cord.  It’s also great for cutting conduit.  Look at it this way: At least now you can’t accidentaly cut the power cord.

Preview: Bosch’s 36V (Hammer) Drill/Driver
This updated drill/driver from Bosch features their new Flexible Power System (FPS), which allows you to select from “SlimPack” or “FatPack” batteries to lighten the tool when you don’t need maximum runtime.  It’s also seriously powerful drill/driver, delivering 600 in-lb of torque.  It’s available in lots of different “kits” including varying combinations of FPS batteries.

Next Week/In The Pipeline

We’ve got some fun hands-on posts coming to you next week, including our experiences with the Dyson Root 6, Bosch’s 12V impact driver, and more.  We’re also in the process of adding some new features to the website to let you interact more effectively with us to let us know what you think is important in the world of tools.

Enjoy.  And don’t forget to check out the podcast!  It’s listed on iTunes now, so it’s easy to find.  Just follow the link, click on the banner, or if you want to grab it with iTunes, just click on the iTunes graphic in the sidebar to automatically open iTunes and jump right to the ‘cast.


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