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shopsomedeals.jpgBlack Friday’s not just for uber-geeks and shopaholics — some of your favorite tool shopping haunts are servin’ up the deals, too.  Why not leave skip the new 42″ plasma TV and seek out that tool you’ve been wishing for all year?

Here’re a few Toolmonger-friendly Black Friday bits we’ve stumbled on around the ‘net this week:

There are probably lots more out there, too.  For that matter, if you run across some great deals this holiday season, why not drop us a line and share?


One Response to Deals: Black Friday, Toolmonger Style

  1. mmm tools says:

    Thanks, I’ve loved your blog for quite some time!
    Found on one of those sites, you can filter by all the Tools deals (not black friday, but cool nonetheless)
    You can sort their coupons by tools too:
    You Rock! Keep up the Tool-talk!

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