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This new release from Snap-on caught my attention because — as anyone who’s been in the Toolmonger shop can tell you — I love a clean and organized shop.  Add to that the fact that I’m planning on picking up a set of T-shaped hex wrenches this season, and this — or something like it — is just what I need.

Heck, even if I don’t purchase the wrenches from Snap-on, it’d probably be worth the $16 this thing costs just to not have to build one.

Recently we’ve been using the GearWrench ratcheting T-wrench (from their tap and die set) along with an extension (from the standard 3/8″ set) and a GW-to-standard adapter along with our 3/8″ drive torx and hex sockets to create the same kind of effect.  But sometimes you really want to wail on them, and I hate to wail on a ratchet when I don’t absolutely have to.

Hey — it’s also a great excuse to buy some new tools, right?

Anyway, these look pretty slickm, and I may have to flag down the truck and pick one up once I have wrenches in hand.

L+T Shaped Hex & Torx Wrench Storage Stand [Snap-on/Warning: PDF Link]


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