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How often have you wished you could pick up your MIG welder and carry it over to a friend’s place?  Or to a job site?  Sure, there are lots of “portable” rigs you could use — but they never really live up to the quality of your unit at home.

Try this on: The Millermatic Passport is completely self-contained and requires only power for full-on MIG welding.  It holds 12 oz of CO2 and an 8″ spool of wire internally — all in a suitcase-sized package that weighs in around 55 lbs completely ready-to-weld.  Read past the jump for a diagram of what’s going on inside the little blue box.

The Passport’s designed to use either 115V or 230V single-cycle power, and ships with Miller’s “Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP)” that adapts to all sorts of outlets.  Under 115V power, the Passport can deliver 110A at 19.5V with a 20% duty cycle, while 230V jumps that to 150A and 21.5V. 


It’s also got dual-groove drive rolls for .024″ wire — for sheet metal — and .030″/.035″ wire for general fabrication.  It ships with the power source, cord, MVP, 10″ MIG gun/cable assembly, an empty CO2 gas cylinder, drive rolls, and two contact tips — you add wire, gas, and a project that needs work.

Street pricing starts around $1350.

The Millermatic Passport [Miller]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


9 Responses to Finds: Miller’s Passport — Welding To-Go

  1. Rob says:

    That is a nifty little machine. I wonder how long that little gas supply will last for though.

  2. Chuck Cage says:

    The diagram suggests 25 minutes at a standard flow rate. For something that portable, that doesn’t seem too bad. You could certainly perform a repair or build something small within those limits.

  3. Toolaremia says:

    Brilliant! This is probably the best use of a Pelican case ever.

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