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I realize that at a street price of around $4,800 that many of you aren’t going to run out to purchase one of these this moment — especially not for delivery via FedEx.  I certainly can’t.  But I’ve wanted one of these forever, so you can drool over it along with me, yeah?

The brake pictured above is JET’s 96″ floor-standing model, and can handle up to 16 gauge mild steel.  It ships with lots of different fingers as well to simplify the process of creating difficult corners.  It weighs just a nickel or two over a ton.

I’ve heard good things about JET’s metalworking tools; Essentially, the heavy metalworkers I know have recommended JET as good fodder for the heavy-hobbyist shop — and possibly for light production work.  I’ve had good experiences with their woodworking tools, anyway.

I may have to just give in and get a small one.  Any recommendations regarding the smaller variety?

BP-1696F Box & Pan Brake [JET]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. alan says:

    So, this is perhaps a bit of topic but does anyone have any experience with JET’s slip roll machines? Or, really any slip roll machines? I need something that can handle 14 gauge stainless. Thanks!


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