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First of all, we’ve got to admit that (like birds) we’re a little bit attracted to anything shiny — like Stanley’s FatMax Xtreme measuring tapes.  They do have more going for them than just the shiny bits: Featuring a 13′ standout, this 16′ tape is 1-1/4″ wide and is made from a high-visibility Mylar polyester film with a clear “BladeArmor” coating on the first 6″.  (The hook end gets most of the abuse.)

Other features: A top-style locking mechanism that’s easy to operate, 16′ stud center markers on the tape, and a cushioned grip.

All in all, this is just a nice quality short tape that’s easy to find in pretty much any big-box retailer.  Expect to pay around $20 for one new and to get many years of good use from it.

16′ FatMax Xtreme Tape Rule w/BladeArmor Coating [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Finds: Stanley’s FatMax Xtreme 16′ Measuring Tape

  1. steve says:

    I would buy this if it had metric measurements also

  2. jeff says:

    16′ seems kind of short to be useful for much. Granted most of the time a tape is used for small measuring but the times when measuring 20-30′ this tape would only be useful to hold down the blueprint on the hood of my pickup.

  3. Chris says:

    If you work in a cabinet shop or build furniture, chances are you won’t need more than 16′. The shop I work in has several 16-footers. The only long one we have is in the metal shop, where we have steel that comes in 24′ lengths, and even there, we never have to cut something longer than a couple feet.

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