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Multi-tools have invaded almost anything with a pocket, sleeve, drawer, or clip.  One such implement that caught our eye recently is the Swiss Tech Micro Tool.  I guess some people have enough MacGyver in them that they require a little more from their keychains.The diminutive Swiss Tech is a key-ring-sized set of pliers, common and Phillips screwdrivers, and wire cutters that’s machined from hardened tool steel.  I’m not sure about using it as an actual key ring, though; it looks like it would wind up cutting up you or your pocket if you carried it long enough.  It does, however, looks to be good for all those extremely simple problems that can be solved with the help of a tiny set of screw drivers and pliers.  And those kind of problems happen to you all the time right? 

I have to admit that it’s got a bit of charm.  It might be almost be worth picking it up off of the auto-part store checkout line just to throw in the glove box.  I suspect it’d see more use if it had a bottle opener, too, but you get what you pay for.

In this case, you pay about $4.

Micro Tool [Swiss Tech]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


12 Responses to Finds: Swiss Tech Micro Tool

  1. AdamJ says:

    I love this tool! I’ve had mine for several years, and one of the best things about it is that it will pass through airport security. Being a person who often carries a Gerber Multitool the terrorists really ruined it for me. But this little guy is not a problem – and I can still unscrew that thing-a-ma-jig if I have to. Also note that the tool shown above is ONLY the 9-in-1, there is a next step up that is 11-in-1. That’s the one I have. But on top of that when you follow this link you’ll see the crazy top of the line 11-in-1 that nests in side a USB Drive!!!

  2. Myself says:

    I carry the micro-tech, which includes the smaller screwdrivers too, and like AdamJ, I wouldn’t be without it! That little tool has gotten me out of so many jams, or at least saved me from having to go get the right tool. I actually prefer it for screws that’re starting to strip, as the peculiar philips cut simply DOES NOT slip out of screws. It’s better than any “professional” driver I’ve used, in that respect.

    I bought my first one when they were $20, got addicted to it, and managed to lose it. I went right back and bought another, which as served me well to this day, about eight years later. I found ’em for cheap online and bought a bunch for friends, and everybody loves them. My sister could carry one in high school where knives were banned, because it includes no blade. (Though the jaws will easily cut up to #12 copper wire, and they go through cat-5 like it’s butter.)

    Seriously, you can’t go wrong with one of these. It’s a little heavy at first, but you can’t pack more useful possibilities per ounce. And no, it doesn’t eat through pockets, that’s what snips are for!

  3. Rick says:

    Wouldn’t you know it.. As soon as Toolmonger posts up something about one of their products, they decide to “Update their website”

  4. BrianD says:

    You guys need to get out more!
    As noted already these have been around for years.
    That said I have to disagree with the worshipful comments above. I got one of these two years ago when they first came out and found that: a- it was to small to grab much of what I wanted to hold; b- the handles had a tendency to fold while I was trying to grip stuff (especially at wider openings); and c- It broke under use -one of the arms snapped while I was squeezing a tough nut, not light duty, but this was barehanded!
    So, while I like the design and the lack of a blade might get it onto a plane, I really prefer my Leatherman; thanks anyway.

  5. A very similar tool, but with a more sensible and stronger arm folding design, is the Sebertech Sebertool. There are a few models; they’re now apparently sold under the IDL brand.

  6. Chris Ball says:

    I agree with the first few comments, I’ve carried one of these around for years (no problem eating pockets) and I have found it comes in useful reasonably often. I haven’t managed to hurt it in all that time, somewhat to my surprise, either. Definately get the version with the smaller screwdrivers as well though, the little philips is small enough to fix my wife’s glasses on the road.

  7. Eli says:

    You know what? Me too. But you guys need to lighten the load. I just carry the Utili-key. Even more security transparent and has a SHARP blade. For carrying in your pocket the micro-tool is kind of a sinker. I’ve never REALLY needed a small pair of pliers, but a knife blade, phillips head and bottle opener are necessities. Can tighten eyeglasses. The key is light enough that it just blends in with the rest of your keys. My $.02

    I give the utili-keys and the ‘Smart Money Clip’ as gifts and people really dig them.

  8. Eli says:

    Brookstone carries both the micro and the key……

  9. Myself says:

    The utili-key is definitely not security transparent!


    contains a link to http://datacenter.ap.org/wdc/fbiweapons.pdf

    It’s amazing what’s out there, that TSA’s specifically looking for. Will they find it? Probably not. But will you win an extra cavity search if they do?

    But yes, I give utili-keys and micro-techs as gifts. One of those and a Photon on the keychain and you’re prepared for an awful lot of daily tribulations, for under an ounce.

  10. Jake Strait says:

    I’ve had the 8-in-1 for a year or two. Of course its not an ideal tool, but its there when you need it. You don’t forget it when you leave the house. And you don’t lose it with your keys on it. Well you might, but then you’ve got bigger problems.

  11. Eli says:

    I flew with the key on sept 15th 2001, and every time since then, maybe twelve or thirteen times domestically, twice internationally. I throw it into the bucket with my watch, belt, and money clip when I walk through the metal detector. That to me is a pretty good test of security transparency.

  12. ThreeBean says:

    I found 3 of these at a garage sale for $0.15 – SCORE!

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