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It really doesn’t matter what your ride is, pin striping and scroll work makes it better.  Even if you don’t have a ride, that push-mower out in the garage could use some pimping.  Just think how cool you’d be rolling on some awesome scroll work you did yourself!  These Kustom Shop brushes are just the ticket to bringing out your inner Monster (Garage). 

The Gold Sword striping brush is hand crafted from fine grade blue squirrel hair,  and its shape enables it to carry an optimum load of paint to make your lines flow. The Black Knight fine-line striping brush has a shorter hair length (1-1/2″ to 1-3/4″) that allows for greater control when laying out more intricate designs.  The Long-Liner striping brush is a bit more traditional-looking with a longer hair length (2-1/4″) that allows for greater control when laying out long, thin striped lines.

All of these brushes are available in three or four sizes. They’re designed for serious pin striping madness.  Seriously, good solid tools help with any project, but when striping always remember that the paint consistency is just as important as a steady hand and the right brush.

Street pricing starts at around $15.

Striping Brushes [Kustom Shop]
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2 Responses to Finds: Kustom Shop Striping Brushes

  1. Rob says:

    $15 is pretty cheap for a good pinstriping brush. Most of the top notch brushes are more along the lines of $100. I’d like to try some of these out to see how they stack up.

  2. Don "Elk" Christianson says:

    Most striping brushes are NOT $100, they are usually about $15 to 25.

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