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We use our heat gun in all manner of different ways around the shop from removing decals to melting down heat shrink tubing.  Issues with the direction of flow, however, can become supremely annoying at times.  That’s why there are fittings that help you “bring the heat” — where it’s most needed. 

A reflector nozzle may be highly specialized, but then again most tip accessories for a heat gun would fall into that category.  The reflector nozzle directs hot air around heat shrink tubing or wire connectors for even heating to the surface area.  Even heating means a better, more professional-looking end project — and a more secure connection underneath, which is an all out win at the end of the day.  

The lesson: A little nozzle that looks like a cake funnel tip can be handy to have around the workbench.

Street pricing starts around $9.

Street Pricing [Froogle]


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