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The “Macsimizer” sounds like it might be home gym equipment, but it’s not.  It’s Mac Tools’ mammoth eleven drawer toolbox.  It’s not really fair to call it a toolbox either.  Think of it more as a workstation-slash-shop-in-a-box. 

The Macsimizer’s cavernous interior contains some 37,000 cubic inches of storage space.  The full-extension drawers are standard Mac design with reinforced pulls, and they come in four color options: gold, black, chrome, and aluminum.  The box itself comes in eight standard colors or your choice of three uber-cool metal flake colors for some extra bling.

The only downside to this rolling tool nirvana is the price tag: Street pricing starts at $6,799. Of course, that’s not bad when you consider it’ll likely be the last tool storage item you ever need buy.  For that matter, if you have a super-sized tool storage need but don’t have a super-sized wallet, they do offer payment plans.

For more information (or to purchase one), contact MAC to find your local mobile distributor.  (Hey, you might want to do that anyway…  Getting to know your local MAC distributor is a good thing — even if you don’t have the cash to buy the big-ticket items.  You’d be amazed what “the guy in the truck” sees and hears around your local area.  He can not only tell you — and sell you — the best tool for your particular freaky job, he can also tell you what’s going on job-wise and what cool cars are around for sale.  Seriously.  They get around.)

The Macsimizer Toolbox System [MAC Tools]


9 Responses to Finds: The Macsimizer

  1. Paul says:

    Two too many logo badges for my taste. Looks like a sturdy piece otherwise.

  2. Rick says:

    Umm.. does it come filled with tools for that price? Lordy.

  3. Rob says:

    For the target demographic (read: mechanics) you actually NEED these. Many shops require you to have your own tools and the guys keep them and move them in these boxes. The sheer number of tools and other miscellaneous items you need to keep on hand (and organized) lends itself to a box this size. These particular boxes have the added benefit of a nice work surface. Next time you’re in a shop, check out all of the different types of tool boxes you see. You can sometimes get a good deal on a used box if someone is looking to upgrade too.

  4. Harry says:

    In an effort to present a more professional appearance and a neater shop, many new car dealerships are coming with built in tool cabinets in their service departments. One shop I have been to was a Jag dealer where everything was British racing green. A lexus dealer here uses blue cabinets. The built in cabinets really make a difference in the shops appearance. The Macsimizer is a good tool wagon. Even though it’s huge, you can grow out of it and need a top chest and side lockers. The tool wagon is a house for your many tools and is probably the only tool that doesn’t make you money.

  5. Brandon says:

    Well guys I am happy to say I have been the proud daddy of this exact toolbox for a year , except I have a big fat sidecabinet attached also… giving me 16 huge drawers. Huge is the word for this box and I love it.. Rearangable drawer positions and you can fit 9 year old in the top drawer literally ..lol we tried it ha ha..no but seriously if you are thinking about buying a big box get this one you wont be sorry.. This box also features load bearing drawers which means the more weight you have in the drawer the smoother the action ..just like silk

  6. Jeff Quantum says:

    I just bought this tool box and it’s a showstopper. Instead of getting the 6″ deep full-length top drawer, I chose the 4″ full-length and the 2″ full-length combo and I couldn’t be more pleased. In addition, my new tool box is black with chrome drawer pulls and I requested them not to put the “MAXSIMIZER” on my new bohemoth. I will be getting a stainless steel top in a few days. Needless to say, my fellow mechanics are drooling, and I must admit that pictures don’t do this beauty justice. No buyer’s remorse, here!

  7. Michael says:

    Our shop just ordered 6 of these though their corporate account. Awesome box for sure. Our shop purchases all the tools and tool boxes for us to use, not to take home but the good thing, we can buy mac tool items for our personal use throught the corporate account at 40% off what the truck guy sells them for!

    I think the truck guys days are numbered…just like the days when there were milkmen.

  8. Mac Man Bill says:


    I have to wonder what part of the country you’re in. I’ve got a new car dealership that is negotiating with Craftsman to do this very same thing. They’ll furnish the tool boxes with tools in foam cutouts and all the techs will be required to take their own tools home. The techs will inventory their tools each day and responsible for any missing tools – but can purchase replacements on the company discount. As for special tools, the dealership will furnish these from now on. It appears to be a new trend because of insurance liabilities but in the end. The tech wins and doesn’t need to spend part of his weekly paycheck on tools anymore. It’s like a pay raise for them!

  9. Brian D. says:

    I have a 12 drawer MB1850 and am nuts about it. I’ve had Snap-On version as well as a USA Tools model as well. Mac stands alone in the solidarity and quality of the box in my opinion. I am now searching for a Full side locker and upper hutch (red) since I have left Dealerships for good and am now in a Euro/Asian independent shop and must increase my collection.
    I have to say some of the dealers in my area, Toyota, BMW, Lexus, Hummer, Mercedes… have all gone to built in boxes. Gorgeous shop environment but techs are still required to provide own tools. But mgmt has key to your box. NOT COOL. I understand why but don’t agree with it.
    The other statement about “pay raise” for techs is that no self owned tools kills any side work you may be able to do. We all know you make more on the side than you ever could at work. I’ve spent roughly 80 grand on my “collection” but I can work on anything with them and take them any where as well. Bonus!

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