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Indiana Jones teaches us many things: guns beat swords, horses are better than camels and X never, ever, marks the spot.  Well, sometimes it does — especially if you’re using the universal laser router plate. 

The laser router plate works much like a small router gun sight. The plate projects two laser lines onto the work surface right below the bit to let you know where the center point of the bit is.  This is useful information to have if you’re trying to follow a pattern or line. The laser laden plate can be affixed to any standard plunge router.

Adding laser guided functionality to the router costs about the same as other aftermarket laser add-ons — around the $60 mark. Thus far the laser plate is a MLCS exclusive, but we’re sure when it opens up into wider distribution that the price point will come down a bit.

Laser Router Plate [MLCS]


One Response to Finds: Laser Router Plate

  1. Myself says:

    Wake me up when they come up with a laser-guided claw hammer.

    I mean, seriously, is there anything they won’t put lasers on?

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