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I just wanted to post to let everyone know that we have winners for September’s RIDGID combo kit and October’s Ryobi combo kit.

Believe it or not, we actually had to contact four different people before we received a response from a valid email address to give away the RIDGID kit.  Note to all readers: Provide a valid email address when you comment and you might win some incredibly cool free stuff.  Providing a fake address here won’t save you from any spam — we don’t display the addresses publicly — and could possibly lose you a kick-ass prize!  We’re not going to sell your info a) because that’s not how we roll (we don’t even do referrals), and b) we wouldn’t have time anyway; It takes all our time to keep the site running as is!

Anyway, reader Eli was the luckly (fourth) person we contacted for the RIDGID kit, and he’s responded.  Reader Marc Tompkins responded (on our first try!) for the Ryobi kit.

We’ll post this month’s contest next week, and we’ve got another giveaway coming up later this month which’ll be tied to a questionaire.  Yeah, I hate them, too, but we really need to know a bit about what you guys (and gals) like and don’t like about the site.  We’ve worked hard to get it to this point, but we’d like to know where you’d like to see it go.  So look for the questionaire — with a prize drawing attached — in the next few weeks.

And have a great weekend!


5 Responses to Winners!

  1. Rick says:

    Congrats Guys!

    Color me jealous.. I was actually at Home Depot last night – for the first time in like a year – and saw the Ryobi One+ kit first hand.. mighty nice..


  2. Jason says:


  3. Myself says:

    I saw the OnePlus fan in person yesterday and it was bigger than I expected. For some reason the publicity photos just don’t convey the scale of the thing. I still think it’s an incredibly thoughtful addition to a nearly comprehensive line of tools, but the bulk is a point against it. If I end up with a OnePlus outfit anytime soon (hint, Santa!) I’ll probably try my hand at making my own battery receiver and coupling it to a 120mm fan.

    Oh, and while I’m thinking of common-battery systems: Why don’t those “charge the 18v pack from the lighter socket” chargers include a button that says “Dump power from the 18v pack into the car, please”. So we wouldn’t have to carry a big lead-acid jumpstarter in addition to the arsenal of power tool packs. (I know, the chargers are designed to cut out before killing the car battery, but sometimes I jump *other* people’s cars, too.)

    I guess an $8 set of cables is easier and more reliable.

  4. PeterP says:

    Welcome to the family guys!

  5. I had totally forgotten about this giveaway until I stumbled across it today – it’s been nearly a year, and I never did receive my Ryobi kit. What the hell, it’s free, I’m not fussed – but why tell us you’re sending it, then?

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