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We keep running across cool offering from Uvex, like their new Strategy goggles: Besides offering an anti-fog coating — which is very, very important on goggles — and still fitting over most prescription eyewear, they also look pretty sweet, too.  It’s nice to see someone putting out some safety gear with some style!

They’re available in four models: direct vent, close vent, indirect vent, and indirect vent with foam lining for particle protection.  They’re also available with a neoprene strap for chemical work.

Sadly, no pricing is available yet, but other Uvex items we’ve covered have been pretty reasonably priced.

Strategy Goggles [Uvex]


3 Responses to Finds: Uvex Strategy Goggles

  1. Myself says:

    I wish they’d publish some sort of distortion reference for these. I hate that dizzy feeling after putting on safety glasses, when the lenses aren’t perfectly flat and the resulting “prescription” throws my sense of balance off. (I have some hearing loss, so my inner ears don’t provide as much balance as for most folks, making me especially reliant on visual cues.) I’m also 6’4″, and most glasses frames don’t provide enough clearance at the temples. I need especially clear, flat lenses mounted in wide frames. Oof.

    I recently picked up a set of MSA SafetyWorks glasses and they became my instant favorites. They’re incredibly clear, so much that the cashier initially thought I was trying to ring up an empty package for some reason. MSA makes a line of “for smaller faces” glasses, allowing their regular line to be just a bit bigger than most, instead of the “one size doesn’t fit you” philosophy espoused by most makers. They’re feather-light, cling tenaciously to my head without getting annoying, and they’re so comfortable I’ve literally forgotten I was wearing them.

    I like the choice of vent styles on the Uvex goggles, and the anti-fog coating is definitely important. I’ll remember to try on a pair next time I’m in the store. But for now, MSA’s won my heart, and my eyes.

  2. WA MAC says:

    The guys on my tool route call these birth control goggles, because they look so ugly on you can forget getting any.

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