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Featuring 215 drills and driving bits in a snap-open-and-fold-flat case, this looks like a pretty slick package for casual use around the home where it’s not as critical that you have the most high-dollar bits as it is that you have a variety — including the one that fits the project at hand.  Our favorite part: all those “pieces” aren’t mollys and screws — 115 of them are even drill bits.

Two latches on the side of the case hold it together in a “small-suitcase” form factor, but releasing them allows you to spread it out on a table (like you see in the picture above).  The handle on top retracts, and the bottom of each “side” includes two small storage bins, presumably for screws or such.

There’s a full breakdown of the kit’s contents at the link below — thanks, Ryobi, for letting us look before we buy! — but here’re some highlights:

  • 41 titanium-coated HSS bits
  • 5 titanium-coated spade bits
  • a spade bit extension
  • 12 brad point bits
  • 10 nut drivers
  • 56 screw driving bits and magnetic bit holder
  • 4 hole saws
  • a center punch (nice inclusion!)
  • 3 12″ carbide-tipped masonry bits
  • 20 add’l carbide-tipped masonry bits
  • 34 black oxide HSS bits

…and more, of course.

It’s available at Home Depot for $50, though they seem to be out of stock for online ordering.  You’re likely to find it locally, though.

215-pc Super Drilling and Driving Kit [Ryobi]

Note: Before everyone jumps in and points out that these aren’t the best bits around — we realize that.  Truthfully, there’s absolutely no way any company could sell even a quality set of lettered/numbered/fraction drill bits alone for $50.  The idea behind kits like this is that they’re meant for home use (like we mentioned at the top of the article).  Our idea is that this might make a good home kit.  Your thoughts?


7 Responses to Finds: Ryobi’s “Super Drilling and Driving Kit

  1. Don says:

    Whenever I am looking for new bits I alway start to grab these types of kits and then end up spending $20 for a 10pc DeWalt drill set. I’m always worried that they’ll just be crap bits.

  2. Tim says:

    I think kits like this are a godsend. I use a drill/driver all the time, and I can’t remember ever breaking a bit. On the other hand, I can remember at least 10 occasions when I had to drive to the hardware store to buy a “special bit” to complete a project.

    I’d much rather spend $50 to have everything on hand, then upgrade when appropriate, but that’s just me.

  3. I realize this was posted last November, but I can’t find anything even close to it on the Home Depot web site. In fact they don’t have any Ryobi drill bit kits.

    Is this kit still available? I can’t seem to find it on Ryobi’s site either.

  4. Eric Corson says:

    Why do we have to hear “fine for home use”??? YOUR home, not mine! These are just another cheap plastic box to get in the way and waste shelf space. Full of cheap tools which will soon break and go missing, then you will have another ugly box half empty and probably with a broken latch by now. Build your own tool organization and stock it the way YOU want, not with a collection selected for you, thats what I say!

  5. Larry Luttrell says:

    Received the Ryobi 215 pc Super drilling and driving kit as a birthday gift from my adult son. Quickly found that everyuthing is of average to poor quality. Of particularly poor quality are the carbide tipped masonry bits. Every masonry bit that I have used, regardless of size, has failed. I use them in my battery powered DEWalt drill, not a hammer drill.

  6. David Culberson says:

    Eric, I found your comment funny:

    “Full of cheap tools which will soon break and go missing.”

    I’m not aware of cheap tools being more prone to loss, unless it’s through the carelessness you can afford to exhibit as the owner of cheap tools. Better to lose a $.50 dill bit versus a $5 one, eh? But yes, I agree with the other sentiment. But a $10 B&D drill bit assortment has saved my bacon more than once.

    Larry, I hate cheap masonry bits!! I had some that literally BENT when I was using them. What material is a drill bit made of that it can bend without fracturing? It was pathetic. Then again, they came free with a $12 hammer drill that has served me well, so I can’t complain about the cost. 😉

  7. Bridgette says:

    where can you find these kits I have looked everywhere and no one carries them<

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