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It looks like the tail-fin on a commercial jetliner, but the M3 square allows you to mark two faced edges simultaneously, mark around molded edges, mark and replicate angles, and perform deep-range marking with precision and accuracy.  This tool will not only lighten your toolbox but also take some hassle out of switching tools while trying to make an accurate mark. 

The M3 consists of a 9″ spring steel main blade that’s been chemically etched black for visibility (of both your work piece and the markings on the blade), a “winged” aluminum body that’s powder-coated retina burning yellow, and a hide-away bevel gauge.

The M3 Square can accurately fill the two-dimensional role of the traditional tri-square, marking gauge, and bevel gauge while adding the stability of the third dimension all in one tool.  The yellow wing adds the ability to mark two faces of a project simultaneously — and all four faces of a typical project — with a single relocation of the tool. 

Street Pricing starts at $29.

M3 Square [M Power]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: M3 Square

  1. Myself says:

    That’s spiffy! I think it’ll spend more time hanging over the workbench than in the toolbox though, because that third dimension makes it incredibly awkward to store. Think “precision caltrop”. If the little fins folded out of the way, it’d be incredibly cool. Maybe in version 2!

  2. James B says:

    Looks like this would be good for marking a line all the way around a board without having to reposition the square four times, now it is down to two (top and edge, bottom and opposite edge).

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